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Becky & Robert

Becky and Robert are getting married in October and asked me to take their engagement photos! They took me to a beautiful hilly park in Whittier that over looks the city.  It was hotter than hotter than hot that day. Even at 6 pm it was breaking 90! But it was indeed beautiful. And I loved meeting them and working with them. Such a cute couple with so much personality. Congrats you two!!

Summer Lovin’ Contest…just a few.

last month, my photographer friend, Sarah and I decided to put on a little contest. People could send in pictures of them and  their “summer lover” to a facebook page that we created. just any picture. nothing fancy.
from there, they could have friends, relatives, etc “vote” for their picture by either “liking” it or posting a comment. 
well…Krystal and Derek won that contest! So on Monday, Sarah and I were able to set up a little “vintage picnic” themed shoot for them. it was so fun!!
Krystal did an amazing job finding outfits…and doesnt she just fit the part so perfectly?? I love her coloring!
anyway…with that said..i couldnt wait to have all of the pictures edited before i posted some. So here is yet again just a snippet of another super cute couple. 
stay tuned!

Becca & Derek..married!

Becca & Derek are a married couple as of Saturday!
I took their engagements not too long ago and i cannot believe how fast their wedding snuck up. Becca has been a long time childhood friend of mine…and now she’s tied the knot!

their wedding was followed by a beautiful reception in San Diego. There is much, much more!

Brigham & Emily…[a preview]

if you happened to follow my other blog before i started this photo blog, you may remember Brigham and Emily from this post back in June when i took their engagment photos.

And here they are now! Mr. and Mrs.

Brigham and Emily were married at the San Diego LDS Temple on Friday the 13th! But let me tell you…this wedding was anything but bad luck. The entire day was beautiful.
by the way…how gorgeous is Emily???

There are just simply too many photos from this day that I want to share later. So stay tuned. There is much more where this came from!